10 EVERYTHING App features you NEED to try!

28-02-2023 - Written by Jordan Saycell

In our last blog, we gave you a complete overview of how the EVERYTHING app works. Primarily, we focused on our three core iOS app features - the EVERYTHING Debit Mastercard, social Squads and card rewards.

In this website blog, we're going to dive deeper into our top 10 EVERYTHING app features. These features are both social and financial, and you need to try them. We will also discuss how they impact your everyday spending experience within our free to join financial app.

An image showing the 10 EVERYTHING App features you need to try


Right off the bat, you’ll have been prompted to order and activate both your Physical ‘Original Member’ EVERYTHING card, and your Virtual card from the transaction screen (indicated by the ‘E’ logo on the bottom navigation bar).

Whenever you spend real money with your EVERYTHING Card, you could earn card rewards. These rewards are up to £1,000,000 for you and your friendship Squads.

You could also get your latest purchase fully reimbursed, and win limited-edition item rewards inside our mobile app (See Rewards Terms and Conditions).

Once your free debit card has arrived, you’ll be in a position to monitor your everyday spending and purchase history via the balance tab. It is here that you can add cash instantly into your EVERYTHING account, view your account details, balance and securely create your withdrawal account.

Also on the balance screen, you can keep track of all your monthly spending using our transaction timeline, which highlights a list of your entire purchase history of using your spending card. If you’d prefer a quick visual snapshot of your total spend, scan your graph to see any trends or spikes in your spending from month to month. For greater control, you can monitor your spending by category (Shopping, food and drinks, health and beauty, home improvement, household and services, leisure, transport and other).

Similarly, the EVERYTHING app provides a rewards timeline and summary listing all card rewards that you earn as you spend with your free EVERYTHING rewards card.

An image showing how an app member has used their EVERYTHING Card to earn a £5 card reward through everyday spending

2) Social Squads

Joining Squads or creating Squads, earning shopping rewards, and socially flexing your latest purchases together with friends makes up the social heartbeat of the free EVERYTHING app. Joining a public Squad is as simple as navigating to the Squads tab and inputting the name of your desired Squad using the nifty search bar, or…clicking the ‘Join Squad’ button and entering the public invite code shared with you by a friend, influencer, EVERYTHING staff member or brand!

Maybe you’d rather find a Squad based on your interests - no stress, EVERYTHING has a Squad search feature too! Scroll over to the ‘Rank’ tab, filter your search by Squads, and click as many niche interest Squads as you want to join and visit.

This image shows the three possible ways that an EVERYTHING app member can join a Squad.

Squad creation is just as easy. Click the ‘Create Squad’ button, enter the name of your new hobby Squad, and toggle it to be a private invitation-only Squad or open to the public.

Once you’ve joined and created several Squads, you can easily access them all under ‘My Squads’. From here, you can hop into a Squad to view the Squad-specific feed, see all Squad members spending contribution or add them as a friend, and access Squad details ranging from a Squad’s public invite code through to all-time Squad spending, Squad rewards and personal rewards earned for yourself.

3) Squad Allocations

Squad allocations allow app members to manage their spending contribution across multiple Squads. The app provides two modes of allocation - Simple and Advanced modes. Both are accessible by clicking the weighing scales icon in the upper right corner of the ‘My Squads’ screen.

In Simple Mode, app users' spending is spread evenly across all Squads they are a part of. Advanced Mode allows app users to fine-tune their allocations, and allocate their spending contribution as they wish.

If a member in one of the Squads earns spending rewards, app users will only get a cut of that reward if they made an ‘eligible transaction’ within that Squad in the 14 days before that member triggered the card reward. The cut of the reward earned is relative to the app user’s spending contribution to the Squad.

A summary of Squad allocations and how easy it is to allocate spending contribution across multiple EVERYTHING Squads

4) Notification Settings

Located under the ‘settings’ header on your profile page, notifications are fully customisable to meet your personal needs. Choose to toggle global settings to determine whether you’ll receive notifications for new Squad posts, @ mentions, or for when your content receives likes and comments. Otherwise, manually toggle Squad settings to decide whether or not to see notifications on a Squad-by-Squad basis.

An image helping you to navigate to your fully customisable notification settings

5) The Global Feed

The global feed serves as a centralised hub of information and entertainment within the EVERYTHING App. It allows users to stay connected and informed about the latest trends, news, and updates across various interest Squads that they follow.

Users can browse through a variety of Squad-specific content such as gaming conversations, fashion trends, and new technology drops.

App members can also see what their Squad mates are purchasing with their EVERYTHING spending card, and the card rewards that they earn as they spend. The global feed also displays all of the daily money challenges posted by the EVERYTHING team, encouraging social engagement, fun and a financial experience like no other!

Looking to stay informed about company updates and announcements, new app features, improvements, and bug fixes, or just scrolling the feed to find humorous GIFs and images? The feed has you covered!

6) Shared Payments

One of our most unique financial app features is Shared payments. After making a purchase using your EVERYTHING Card, you have the option to take your money social!

Simply start writing a new Squad or feed post, and click the icon of a dollar being dispensed by an ATM at the bottom of your screen. This action opens a menu highlighting all of your card transactions, personal rewards and Squad rewards earned in the past month.

Pick any combination of payments to share individually, or in a GIF carousel to a social Squad of your choice. Squad members will be able to see the merchant you’ve bought the item from, the cost of your transaction paired with a written caption to provide more context to your purchase.

On the EVERYTHING Global feed, you can share payments, celebrate earning card rewards and take part in daily cash challenges

7) URL Linking

You’ve found a really entertaining article and want to share it with your friends - well now you can! Copy any URL and paste it into your post. When you click send, your URL will hyperlink, and also generate a reference thumbnail and short summary of the article / website.

Clicking either the link or the thumbnail will automatically direct you to the source of that URL.

8) Friends Tab

The Friends Tab is like a secret passage to host private discussions about a Squad win with close friends and send money to trusted family members.

By selecting the ‘friends’ filter, you can view an alphabetical list of all friends that you’ve added through the EVERYTHING social money app, and personally send them a DM (direct message) that makes use of photos, GIFs, reaction emojis and thread replies.

As with the Global feed and Squads, you can also use the Friends Tab for URL linking, sending cash and requesting cash. EVERYTHING® may also use DMs to help you out with personalised customer support.

On the Friends tab inside the EVERYTHING app, you can privately DM friends and send cash or request cash

9) Rank Leaderboards

The Rank Leaderboard is a great way to see how your total card rewards earned stacks up against friends and other app members actively using their rewards card. You can also compare the all-time rewards earned in each of your public Squads, or toggle it only by the private Squads that your friends are in.

10) Customer Support Hub

The Customer Support Hub (accessed by clicking the headphones icon along the bottom navigation bar) is an around-the-clock resource for getting immediate help with any issues related to the EVERYTHING iOS app.

You can either send our team a support message directly, or you can click help to read our full collection of articles related to your physical card, joining Squads, earning card rewards, the sign-up and verification process, payments, transfers and top-ups, security & data, referrals, your free £5 sign-up bonus and more.

To save you reading through every article, you can use the search bar to input a specific keyword in relation to a problem you’re having, or choose from one of the FAQs (Frequently asked questions) listed beneath.

Using the customer support hub, you can directly message our support team, read our collection of help articles, or select from one of our FAQs

Profile Page (Bonus)

Your profile page allows you to upload a profile photo, review and update all of your personal details, see all friends referred via the EVERYTHING referral program, and view our full list of card perks.

From your profile, you’re also able to manage your account security & privacy, read our terms & policies, report app bugs and rate our free mobile app on the iOS App Store.

In summary, the EVERYTHING app offers a range of unique features that make it a must-try for anyone looking for a comprehensive financial and social experience. These features include the EVERYTHING Card, which offers personal and Squad rewards of up to £1,000,000, social Squads that you can join or create based on your interests, and Squad Allocations giving you control over your spending contributions. Other key features include customisable notifications, the Global Feed for staying up-to-date on trends, card rewards, challenges and Squad activities, and Shared Payments for flexing your newest and coolest purchases. To try out our top 10 app features, download the EVERYTHING iOS app now!