How does the EVERYTHING app work?

10-02-2023 - Written by Jordan Saycell

You’ve just downloaded the free to join EVERYTHING app from the iOS App Store and want to know exactly where to get started?

Say no more! This is more than a blog - this is a step-by-step breakdown of the EVERYTHING app’s core features. Read on to learn all about the EVERYTHING Debit Mastercard, Squads and cash rewards - Let’s go! 💪

An image highlighting that the free EVERYTHING app is now available to download on the iOS App Store


The moment you land inside the EVERYTHING app, the first thing we recommend to do is to order your free ‘Original Member’ EVERYTHING Card 💳

This is not your average Debit Mastercard®, it’s an everyday spending card with a unique rewards program. For every purchase made using your free UK Debit card, you could earn up to £1,000,000 in card rewards for you and your EVERYTHING Squad, or you could get your latest purchase fully reimbursed.

With the ability to use your free Debit card at millions of UK merchant locations, at ATM cash machines for money withdrawals, and at online retail sites worldwide, your potential to earn card rewards for your Squad of friends is endless 🏧

How to activate your EVERYTHING Debit Card

To activate your virtual card, or order your physical card in minutes, simply :-

Open the app > Click the 'E' logo along the bottom navigation bar to view your transaction screen > Select the 'Cards' tab at the top of your screen > Choose either your physical or virtual card to activate.

  1. If at first, you decided to click the button to 'Get your free Virtual card', you'll be greeted with a screen confirming the immediate availability of your new card for use!
  2. If however, you opted to 'Get your free Physical card', you'll be requested to input your delivery address, confirm it, followed by selecting your preferred delivery method.
  • First Class Mail (Free)
  • Express Delivery (£9.99) 🚚

Once your delivery details are locked in, you'll be notified that your Physical EVERYTHING card is in transit.

A word of caution - Do not click 'Activate card' until your card has safely reached your home.

As easy as that, you've ordered and activated your EVERYTHING cards and can start to use your card to earn card rewards between £1 - £1M for you and your Squad through everyday spending 💸

An image showing how an app member has used their EVERYTHING Card to earn a £5 card reward through everyday spending

Next up, the juicy rewards program that’ll keep you coming back to the EVERYTHING iOS app to see where you rank amongst your friends, family, influencers and brands on the Squad leaderboard!

The EVERYTHING Rewards Program

Perhaps the most satisfying part of using the EVERYTHING app, the instant gratification when you hear the shrill KA-CHING of a reward notification from EVERYTHING popping up on your phone’s home screen 📲

Two types of EVERYTHING Rewards

You can earn two types of EVERYTHING rewards - Card rewards and item rewards.

  1. Card rewards - You can earn both personal rewards and Squad rewards when shopping with your EVERYTHING spending card (See Reward Ts & C's)
  2. Item rewards - From time to time, EVERYTHING will partner with popular retail brands, i.e. Nike, to give away limited-edition items through in-app challenges or as card rewards 👟

To earn personal rewards, i.e. a complete reward of up to £1M that is just for you… you must be the one who triggers the card reward with your EVERYTHING card. These are big rewards, but trigger less frequently. On the other hand, any cardholder from a Squad that you’ve joined can trigger a Squad reward that is split between all members who allocate spending to that Squad. These are smaller rewards, but trigger more often.

Two EVERYTHING App notifications. One is a card reward, the other is to say that you've had your latest purchase fully reimbursed

Okay, PAUSE! You’re probably wondering… what on Earth do you mean by triggering a reward? What are spending allocations? How does the EVERYTHING app work?

How can EVERYTHING give away card rewards?

Alongside the concept of Squad allocations (which we’ll get to later), the following explanation is complex to fully comprehend without spending time in the iOS app. I’m giving you the option to skip ahead now, but for those who truly want to be enlightened, let’s use the analogy of a bucket! 🪣

When spending with your everyday bank card, the merchant you’re buying from pays a fee to your card-issuing bank. They retain the full amount. This is where EVERYTHING differs… For one, EVERYTHING is not a bank! Secondly, when you buy your daily groceries or treat yourself to a coffee, the merchant pays us, but rather than keep the entirety of that fee, we ask ourselves, what would Robin Hood do? It’s a no brainer, he’d have shared a part of that back with YOU, his Squad, as rewards.

Back to the bucket analogy! When you spend using your EVERYTHING card, we put approximately half of the merchant fee that we earn into a reward bucket ranging from £1, £5, £10, £50, £100, £500 right up to £1M. Let’s assume a bucket is sitting at £998 and you’re the next person to tip this bucket over the £1000 mark, you’ll trigger a card reward. Now, depending on your allocations (Personal Vs. Squad), you’ll receive an instant App notification that you’ve earned an EVERYTHING reward, and that reward will be deposited into your EVERYTHING account, or shared between your Squad as a Squad reward 👥

An infographic with four buckets and their associated rewards. One bucket is nearly full, indicating that the next person could trigger a Squad reward or a personal reward.

The ace up your sleeve

EVERYTHING has one more surprise - When you least expect it, your card payment could trigger a full reimbursement of the last item you purchased!

Last up, but not least - Squads! It’s not possible to mention rewards without emphasising the impact that creating Squads, joining Squads, and allocating across Squads has on your potential to earn as you spend 🃏


Public Squads, private Squads. You can create them, and you can join them. Social Squads were made for you to join forces and chat with friends, family, influencers, experts and brands. With a diverse list of Squads to choose, ranging from personal finance to gaming, sport, movies and product Squads, you are at the centre of likeminded communities who share the same values and hobbies as you 🕹️

Joining multiple Squads increases and distributes your chance to earn a cut of Squad rewards whenever you or any other EVERYTHING cardholder in your Squad spends! Why? Simply, the more Squads you join, the more Squad members actively spending with their rewards card, therefore, an increased probability that Squad rewards will be triggered in one (or more) of those Squads.

How to Join a Squad

Here are all three ways you can join a Squad :-

  1. Visit the ‘Squads’ tab (top navigation bar) and click the ‘Join Squad’ button. Here, input your public invite code.
  2. Visit the ‘Squads’ tab and enter the name of your desired Squad into the search bar.
  3. Visit the ‘Rank’ tab (top navigation bar), filter by ‘Squads’, click on any Squad listed under the ‘all time’ heading to join or visit.
This image shows the three possible ways that an EVERYTHING app member can join a Squad.

How to Create a Squad

To create a public Squad or invitation-only Squad :-

Visit the ‘Squads’ tab (top navigation bar) and click the ‘Create Squad’ button. Here, input your new Squad’s name and again click the ‘Create Squad’ button, or, if you wish to create an invitation-only Squad, toggle the private slider on 🎚️

How do Squad allocations work Inside EVERYTHING?

The first time you read this, it will melt your brain, which is why I strongly urge you to familiarise yourself with the process of allocating to Squads within the EVERYTHING app, but here goes nothing… 🤯

When you are a member of multiple squads, your spending % is allocated across each of your Squads to determine how much you would earn from a reward based on the contribution of your spending to that Squad.

There are two modes of allocation in the EVERYTHING card app :-

  1. Simple Mode - When you first join EVERYTHING, your spending is spread evenly across all Squads.

Take for example you’re automatically placed in 4 Squads when you join, each Squad would receive 20% of your spending contribution toward earning Squad rewards (rewards that are split between everyone in the Squad that a reward is triggered), with the remaining 20% being allocated toward personal rewards (rewards that only you get by triggering them).

By joining another Squad, your allocations would adjust dynamically to match being a member in 5 Squads, compared to the prior 4.

  1. Advanced Mode - This mode is widely used by experienced app members who prefer to fine-tune their allocations, i.e. You could allocate 100% of your spending contribution toward earning personal rewards, or go 50/50 between two Squads. The creative possibilities don’t end!
A summary of Squad allocations and how easy it is to allocate spending contribution across multiple EVERYTHING Squads

One other thing to note, if a member in one of your Squads earns a reward, you’ll only get a cut of that reward if you made an ‘eligible transaction’ within that Squad in the 14 days before that member triggered the card reward.

A lot to take in? Let’s also break that down… 🔢

If in the last 14 days, the EVERYTHING Spenders Squad made £1000 worth of eligible transactions, and your spending contribution was £275 of that £1000, then you would earn 27.5% of the Squad reward because you’ve done 27.5% of the total spending.

If the Squad reward earned was £10, your cut of that reward would equal £2.75 (27.5% of the Squad reward).

That’s a lot of math and money to digest, so much so, that you could almost forget that Squads are not just an exercise in number crunching - they’re made to be social!

Take your money social

“Social money app”, “Social finance”, “Money made social”, “Rewarding the social generation”, “Money talks”, “The future of finance is social”.

By their very definition, EVERYTHING Squads are created on the foundation that they are social hangouts for friends and strangers to goof about together. Hence why we have all the regular social app features that you’d see on other prominent social platforms such as the ability to post text, images, image carousels, GIFS, embedded URL links, as well as all the conventional social engagement features such as likes and comments 💬

To create the financial experience that the TikTok generation wants, we’ve married both the social and financial portions of the EVERYTHING mobile app, to design a unique feature list.

A quote serving as a reminder that EVERYTHING is both a financial app and a social app

Take, for example, shared payments. With this features, app members are able to make an otherwise repetitive and boring shopping experience, fun and social 🥳

After making a purchase with your EVERYTHING card…

Open up your app, click on the ‘silhouette of three people’ icon on the bottom navigation bar, tap the ‘say hi’ bar to create a post, then click on the ‘transaction item’ at the bottom of your screen to share your latest (or any previous) purchase or reward for all your Squad to see.

In conclusion, EVERYTHING is a fun, social, free to join app, providing users with the ability to access their own Debit Mastercard, as well as join or create Squads to team up with friends, family, influencers, experts and brands to earn rewards.

The EVERYTHING app is available to download from the iOS App Store and provides users with the chance to earn up to £1,000,000 in EVERYTHING card rewards, as well as limited-edition items ⬇️

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If you're interested in finding out more about the specific features of the EVERYTHING app, visit our website FAQ for more details.

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