History, hilarity and hiccoughs

23/08/2022 - Written by Michael

It’s that time of the week, go grab yourself a cold one and settle in for this week’s edition with your Inside EVERYTHING soundtrack. It goes out to our Community Commander and Taylor’s biggest fan, Brandon. Apologies to all the haters but we take requests.

Vegetable p*rn 🤠

We’re on week 2 of testing engagement challenges and competitions on the social side of the app to learn about what makes our wonderful members tick, what content they love and eventually what are likely to be the highest performing challenges and competitions that we will build into the product. Last week's idea was getting funny about money and we had a positive reception with around 25 unique comments, posts, likes on the topics but the barrier to entry was a little too high so this week we went back to basics with a simple ‘random GIF challenge.’ The results were astounding…with lots of new faces getting involved we had more than 4 x the interaction we had the previous week with more than 100 unique interactions. The winning GIF is below…yes ‘vegetable p*rn’. Sometimes, I despair. Kinda funny though right!

Historical commentary 🗣️

We’ve made comment history this week by inviting app members to tell us what they’d buy with a £100 reward win. We had 29 comments on the post in minutes, which further validates that people like to get social about aspirational purchases. This theme proves consistently popular and will definitely become something we productise. Something as simple and enabling quick sharing directly into Squads when a member spots a product they like, or want to save up for, in the world wide web.

Our newest, smoothest member ✔️

Our final team member made it into the app this week, after we bought them an iPhone to convince them it was worth their while. It didn’t start strongly as they locked themselves out their phone inside the first few hours by forgetting the password. Millennial error for sure but it's great to have a full house finally in the madhouse.

The roadmap to glory 🏆

We spent some time this week pulling together everything, from customers and the team, to prioritise the roadmap for the next few months. The financial side of the product is working smoothly and slickly so we will be focusing our efforts on the social side of EVERYTHING to get that flywheel really spinning fast over the next few months. The next few releases on the product hitlist will be:

  1. @ mentions - tagging of individuals in posts and comments
  2. Person to person messaging - improving DMs and the message centre
  3. Notification deep linking - clicking directly into the relevant area of the app from push notifications
  4. Notification controls - user level controls of in-app notifications
  5. Link sharing & previews - sharing links, URLs and other content in app with previews
  6. Joining Squads - joining public Squads in one click from the rank screen
  7. UI redesign - improving the feed, splitting it into Global, Squads and Transactions.