Why Everything?


Values / Brand / Founders

EVERYTHING is a brand founded in 2021 from a curiosity of what the next generation actually want from everyday finance.

Money should be exciting and rewarding. But do you get that feeling with your everyday finances? Built on this insight and curiosity we started EVERYTHING. Inspired by an over 160 year old savings product backed by the government called the Premium Bonds, we kick off the journey to build a money experience that is actually rewarding, exciting and social.

‚ÄćEVERYTHING is at the intersection of finance and social interaction, pillars that weave so deeply into all aspects of our lives but until recently have not crossed paths. On a metaphorical level, the name signifies a fresh collaboration between the two and the opportunity to spark your excitement, whatever that may be. On a practical level you can use EVERYTHING to be rewarded for anything, interact about everything to do with money with everyone that‚Äôs important to you.

We are not just another fintech company. We are here to create the belonging you deserve in your everyday life. Something that leans into bigger things than money. Even though money is hella nice.


EVERYTHING was founded in 2021 by Adam, Michael and Thorir who believed that money should be rewarding, exciting and social. Working remotely from three different countries (UK, Sweden and Iceland) with backgrounds across fintech, technology and lifestyle brands they set about creating the financial experience that younger generations actually wanted. EVERYTHING is a remote-first, inclusive and diverse team with hubs in London, Stockholm and Reykjavík. We’re always looking for people that want to join us on our exciting journey - Open Positions