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Understand the basics of the EVERYTHING Debit Mastercard®.

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Rewards & Squads

Find out how rewards work, how you can win, and how SQUADS can help you.

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Launch & Waitlist

Understand how the waitlist works and when we expect to launch EVERYTHING in the UK.

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About Everything


EVERYTHING offers a Mastercard® debit card where you and your friends could win cash rewards with every *tap*. Sign up to EVERYTHING, we make sure you’re real and legal, transfer money instantly to your account and use it for your everyday spending, join or build squads and celebrate any winnings together.

Putting the excitement into payments is just the start. There is much more to come.

How does EVERYTHING work?

EVERYTHING is really simple:
1. You download our app
2. Sign up with a verified your phone number you can immediately build or join a SQUAD.
3. Tell us who you are, so we can verify you are real and legal and let you get a card.
4. You start using EVERYTHING for your everyday spending. Your next tap could reward you.
5. Invite your friends and family, build your SQUADS and allocate spending across them.
6. When a transaction from an EVERYTHING member hits a reward threshold, we pay out.
7. If you won a reward, we will notify you via the EVERYTHING app and the reward amount will land straight in your account.
8. If it’s a squad win, you’ll all get notified and you’ll be paid out the percentage of spend contributed to the squad.

Is EVERYTHING available in my country?

For now, EVERYTHING is available within the UK only.

Who can use EVERYTHING?

EVERYTHING is open to all and anyone can apply to be a member as long you’re a UK resident and aged 18 and over. Keeping the EVERYTHING community safe and secure is important to us, so becoming a member means you’ll need to complete a successful identity and residency verification before we'll let you in.

Where and how is EVERYTHING regulated?

Lit Technologies Limited (EVERYTHING®) is a limited company with registration number 13359142, and its registered address is 4th Floor 39 Dover Street, London, United Kingdom, W1S 4NN. We offer our services in the UK as a distributor of PayrNet Limited, a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with registration number 09883437 and whose registered address is at 138 Holborn, London, England, EC1N 2SW, a company authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (register reference 900594) for the issuing of electronic money.


We’ve worked hard to make EVERYTHING safe and protect your money. When you deposit into your EVERYTHING account your money is not held by us. Your money is kept in a separate, secure and safeguarded account with the Bank of England. As we’re NOT a bank, we don’t lend or make investments with your money. So, if EVERYTHING were to go bankrupt or become insolvent, your money would be returned to you in full. You are also eligible for Mastercard Zero Liability Protection, so when you use your card, you’re protected against fraud. You can find out more here.

Am I covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)?

Deposits to your EVERYTHING account are NOT covered by government backed financial protection schemes like the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Traditional banks are required to protect deposits under these schemes. This is because banks can lend out customers’ deposits to others, and the government requires them to be insured up to a certain amount in case something goes wrong and they lose your money. As we’re NOT a bank, we don’t lend or make investments with your money.


It is free to join EVERYTHING and be a member.

We don't charge you fees for any payment you make in the UK and we have eliminated as many fees as possible except fees associated with spending overseas, foreign exchange, ATM withdrawals and some fees charged by Mastercard and our partner bank. Please see our Pricing Page.

How do I get in touch with EVERYTHING?

We’re online 24/7 in-app and always happy to help at support@joineverything.com. You can also get in touch with us on our social media channels listed in the footer.


Where can I use the EVERYTHING Debit Mastercard®?

EVERYTHING is a Mastercard debit card, so wherever Mastercard is accepted you can spend. It can be used at millions of merchant locations worldwide, at ATMs (cash machines), and over the internet.

How many physical cards can I get?

When you join EVERYTHING, you get 1 free physical card.

How many virtual cards can I create?

Right now, you can create one virtual card. We'll soon offer you to create as many virtual cards as you need.

Can I use Apple Pay® and Google Pay™ with my EVERYTHING card?

We are working hard both Apple Pay and Google Pay live and aim for them to be available a few months after the EVERYTHING launch.

How am I protected against fraudulent transactions?

With your EVERYTHING Debit Mastercard® you are also eligible for Mastercard's Zero Liability Protection, so when you use your card, you’re protected against fraud. You can find out more here.

What card security features will help me protect my money?

We’ve built a wave of features to help you keep your money safe. You can freeze your card on the fly, set spending limits, see your spending in real time and more. We call it Mission Control. We’re also proud of our data security infrastructure and we promise never to sell your data.

Rewards & Squads

How do I win rewards?

You can win in rewards in two ways.

1. Every time you use your EVERYTHING card you could get a notification that you've won a reward ranging from £1 to £1 million. If you are in a SQUAD, then the reward will be split with other members.

2. Someone in one of your SQUADs wins a reward that is split with you. You'll be notified in real-time.

How can EVERYTHING give away cash rewards?

When you normally spend with your card, the merchant you are purchasing from pays a fee to your card-issuing bank. Instead of keeping it all those fees for ourselves, EVERYTHING shares a part of it back with its members as rewards.

So if you buy something from Amazon or pay for a tube ticket, they pay us. Every time this happens we put a part of what we earn into a reward bucket, which could be anything from £1 up to £1 million. When a reward bucket is full the EVERYTHING member that makes the next payment wins the reward. They will be notified in real-time through the EVERYTHING app and their winnings deposited straight into their account. If they’re in a SQUAD, then the winnings are shared.

How can I affect that I could win a reward?

You can only spend money that you actually have in your EVERYTHING account and it’s important that you only spend what you can afford. The maths is simple. The more you use your EVERYTHING for everyday spending the higher your chance of winning. Being in more squads with more people in them increases your chance of winning too. Every time they spend you could win a cash reward.

When will it be possible to win ÂŁ1M?

The ÂŁ1M reward bucket will start on launch date. The more volume EVERYTHING has, the faster it fill up. We will notify the member community the state of ÂŁ1M reward at irregular intervals.

Is this gambling?

Definitely not.

EVERYTHING is free to join, be a member of and using the EVERYTHING card in the UK is free. Rewards are funded by EVERYTHING giving away its earnings to its members.

Winning a reward is not based on wholly on chance. Our reward model is not a lottery but a deterministic system meaning we always know the states of rewards and can see who eventually will be next in line for a reward. You can affect if you'd win rewards by e.g. being member multiple of squads.

How can SQUADs win me rewards?

SQUADS are private or public groups where you can increase your chances of winning cash rewards and chat. You can invite anyone to be a part of a squad, or join one with an invite code. As your squads grow, spend your chances of winning go up. You can have up to 100 people in a squad so if everyone is spending and saving you would increase the chance of winning by up to 100 times.

Public squads are open for anyone to join but private squads are invite only. Public squads let you join forces with anyone you share the official squad’s invite code with.

Can I be part of multiple SQUADs?

Yes. Being part of multiple SQUADs increases and distributes your win chance.

How does SQUAD allocation work?

When you are part of multiple squads, you will need to allocate your spending across them to decide how much you would want to contribute.

Launch & Waitlist

When will you launch EVERYTHING?

We're working hard behind the scenes to in the next coming weeks launch the app to our beta tester squad. You can earn a spot in the beta tester squad by reaching the reward level in the waitlist. The earlier you become a member of EVERYTHING, the more rewards you can win.

How does the waitlist work?

Joining the waitlist is free.

On the waitlist you can earn tokens by referring friends. 1 referral gives you 1 token.
With tokens, you can unlock rewards, such as early access, and each token gives you a chance to win up to ÂŁ1,000 in our weekly cash giveaways until launch. More referrals means more tokens & more chances to win. We also give away cash on our social media channels, so make sure to join them all.

Finally, the people with the most tokens when the waitlist ends, will get up to ÂŁ1,000 deposited into their EVERYTHING account.

How do I join the waitlist?

Just click the red widget in the bottom of this website and enter your mobile phone number to verify that you are real.

Why are you giving away money for free?

Instead of just buying ads from giant corporations like Facebook (or Meta, whatever) we rather get people to join by having the opportunity to get cash giveaways.



Join the waitlist and be first in line to get access to EVERYTHING, win cash rewards and be part of our beta tester squad. Join our community and shape the future of EVERYTHING.