Take your Money Social with Season One of EVERYTHING's Rewards Pass 💬

22-01-2023 - Written by Jordan Saycell

Are you ready for an exciting new challenge? Because we have some exciting news for our app members - starting today, January 23rd 2023, those who join our new Spenders Squad (Invite Code: 10JDNK) will have access to participate in Season One of EVERYTHING's Rewards Pass 💸

An introduction to the Spenders Squad, available with Season One of EVERYTHING's in-app Rewards Pass
Four Money Personality Squads

What is a Rewards Pass? 📆

Think of it as a game within a game, a chance to test your skills, earn some unique rewards and to take your money social. Imagine a battle pass, but instead of leveling up in a video game, you'll be leveling up your financial game by completing various Squad-related challenges.

Squad Challenges and Milestone Rewards 🔁

Every week, we'll introduce a set of 7 challenges for you and your Squad to complete collectively. These challenges are designed to test your teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Once 4 out of the 7 challenges have been completed, you'll trigger a milestone reward, split amongst Squad members. But that's not all, with every milestone reached, you'll also unlock a new Squad.

An example of weekly Rewards Pass challenges to be completed collectively by the Spenders Squad in order to trigger Milestone Rewards
Weekly Milestone Rewards

Squads Tailored to Your Money Personality 💷

There will be four Squads in total, each associated with a different money personality - Spenders, Savers, Givers, and Hustlers. Each Squad will have its own set of challenges and rewards, tailored to the personality of the Squad. As you progress through the Squads, the challenges will become increasingly difficult, but the rewards will also be greater.

The Ultimate Reward 💪

If by the end of the week, you and your Squad have completed the challenges associated with your Squad, you will trigger the ‘ultimate challenge’ - a week long challenge for one participant to take home the ultimate monetary or item reward!

The Real Test of Teamwork 👥

BEWARE! This won't be a walk in the park. If you fail to complete 4 out of 7 challenges by the end of a week, you will say goodbye to the next Squad unlock, and subsequently, new rewards. No Squad unlock means no new rewards, and no ultimate challenge reward 🤯 This is where the real test of teamwork comes in. You'll need to work together, communicate effectively and think outside the box!

We know you're probably thinking - "this sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?" And the answer is simple - there isn't one! All you need to do is join the Squad, participate in the challenges, and have fun! We'll provide you with all the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Join the Spenders Squad Today 📲

So, are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Are you ready to test your skills, earn some awesome Squad rewards and possibly win the personal reward? Join this Squad to enter and be a part of the action: (Invite Code: 10JDNK) Trust us, you don't want to miss out on this App-ortunity!

A graphic displaying the unique invite code to to be entered via the EVERYTHING App to join the Spenders Squad
Join the Spenders Squad

Download the new EVERYTHING App on iOS 🍏

Not yet got our new app, but keen to get involved? Download the EVERYTHING App from the iOS App Store now (by clicking the button below) and use code 'SKIP' to bypass the waitlist.

With EVERYTHING, you can :

✅ Order your EVERYTHING Card and earn cash rewards between £1 - £1,000,000 when spending

Join Squads and earn your split of a reward when members trigger Squad rewards through everyday spending

✅ Take your money social by sharing purchases, posting images and GIFs into the feed for all your Squads to see

A graphic explaining that the first 1000 users to enter the code 'SKIP' after downloading EVERYTHING from the iOS App Store can bypass our waitlist.
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