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18-04-2023 - Written by Jordan Saycell

Spending money without the excitement of getting anything in return can be exhausting - we know that feeling! But don't worry, the EVERYTHING Card is here to try to change that. Our free debit Mastercard® allows you to earn rewards with friends just by making purchases. We also offer a generous sign-up reward to anyone who downloads the EVERYTHING app and makes three purchases, and additional money incentives for Squadding up with friends through our unique refer-a-friend program. Sounds exciting, right? Read on to find out exactly how you could earn and how to get started. Get ready to turn your spending into earning with the EVERYTHING Card!

How to claim your £5 sign-up reward 💸

If you're like me, you know the drill - see rewards, click buttons. I've got not one, but TWO paths to a sweet £5 sign-up reward!

First up, for all you Android users out there (or should I say, on there), all you need to do is sign up to our waitlist, and once you've been invited to download the app, and ordered your virtual or physical card...

Simply make three payments within the first 30 days and boom 💥 - that fiver is all yours. It's that easy!

But what if you're an Apple device user? No stress, You’re already one step ahead! Simply download the newly released EVERYTHING app from the iOS App Store, and follow the onboarding process until you reach the waitlist screen. Here, you have two options - refer friends to jump the queue and get early access (more on this later!), or keep an eye out for a unique code to skip the waitlist altogether. And just like on Android, all it takes is three payments in your first 30 days to bag that £5 sign-up reward!

Sign up to EVERYTHING and order your EVERYTHING Card to earn your free £5 welcome bonus after completing three purchases.

What is a referral program?

You know that feeling when you find an awesome product or service, and you just want to tell all your friends about it? Well, refer-a-friend programs make that worth your while!

Here's how it works:

  1. A company offers you a special link or code to share with your friends.
  2. When your friends use that link to sign up or make a purchase, they get a discount or reward, and you get a reward too.
  3. Rewards can be things like free stuff, discounts on future purchases, or as in EVERYTHING’s case, cold hard cash!
So not only do you get rewarded for sharing the love with your friends, but your friends get a sweet deal too! It's a win-win situation 💪

Refer your friends to join EVERYTHING

Refer friends and family to start earning money rewards today. On Android, assuming that you’ve signed up to our waitlist above, you’ll receive a welcome email from the EVERYTHING team containing your personal invite link, AKA, the referral code you’ll share with your friends 🔢

Encourage your friends to visit this link and sign up. Once they’ve signed up, received an invite to download the EVERYTHING app, ordered their EVERYTHING card and completed three purchases, not only will they receive their £5 sign-up reward, but you’ll also receive your £5 refer-a-friend reward.

With EVERYTHING's referral program, you could earn £5 per friend that you refer to the EVERYTHING App using your unique invite code.

If, however, you downloaded the EVERYTHING app on your Apple device and completed onboarding, your app should automatically open to the waitlist screen. This screen indicates how many people are ahead of you in the waitlist queue, how many friends you’ve invited, and the total amount of money you will earn if you and those you have referred sign up and make three purchases. On this screen, click the ‘Bump me up the queue’ button to reveal your personal invite link 🔗

By referring your friends to EVERYTHING, not only can you earn £5 per person referred, but you can also bump yourself up 400 places on our 36,000 people waitlist. As you edge closer to the number one spot on the waitlist, you'll be among the first in line to use the EVERYTHING app and claim your £5 sign-up reward. Joining the waitlist is free and for every friend you refer, you'll earn 1 token. Tokens can be used to unlock rewards, such as early access, and give you an opportunity to earn up to £1,000 in our weekly cash giveaways until launch. The more referrals you make, the more tokens you'll earn and the greater your number of entries into our giveaways. Don't forget to also follow us on social media, where we announce our weekly cash giveaways.

The benefits of using the EVERYTHING app and card 💳

The EVERYTHING app and rewards card are like no other. When using your free debit card, you could get an instant app notification to say that you’ve earned a money reward. The more you use your card, the greater your chances of triggering a reward, or even getting your last purchase fully reimbursed! And let's not forget about the cherry on top - our sign-up reward and Refer-a-friend program!

An image showing how an app member has used their EVERYTHING Card to earn a £5 card reward through everyday spending.

Let’s go one more! Join in-app social Squads with friends, family, influencers, brands, and experts in the EVERYTHING app and take your money social 💬 The best part? Whenever anyone in your Squad uses their card, you could earn a split of their reward. And with Squads of 1000 or more members already existing...

The potential to earn card rewards multiplies with every Squad you join 👥

Join EVERYTHING for free

If you're on Android, sign up to our waitlist now! For the ios mobile app, Download EVERYTHING® from the iOS App Store.

A button for blog readers to click and download the EVERYTHING app on iOS

If you're interested in finding out more about the specific features of the EVERYTHING app and card, visit our website FAQ and read this blog.

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Important information

The EVERYTHING Debit Mastercard is issued by PayrNet Ltd pursuant to license by Mastercard International Inc. PayrNet Ltd is authorised by Financial Conduct Authority to conduct electronic money service activities under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (No: 09883437) Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

EVERYTHING is not a bank and does not invest or lend out your money. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not cover electronic money products. No other compensation scheme exists to cover losses from your electronic money account. Your funds will be held in one or more segregated bank accounts with a regulated third-party credit institution, in accordance with the provisions of the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.